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Map2Mission Converter

for The Settlers 2 Gold Edition

What is Map2Mission?

Map2Mission is add-on for awesome oldschool game The Settlers 2 Gold Edition, one of the best real time strategy games ever made!

The Settlers 2 Gold Edition includes map editor, which lets you create your own custom maps to play games on. However, compared to campaing missions, those maps have a lot of limitations. You can't set custom alliances. You're not allowed to set starting merchandise and workers for each player separetely. You can't define your own victory condition. Also, custom maps doesn't have pop-up windows with text, and that means they can't have any story.

Map2Mission aims to give you that missing functionality. It can convert any map you make into campaign mission. You can set a lot of settings and conditions by simply editing included text file.

Not only that, with Map2Mission you can actually replace whole original campaign with the one you make.


How to use

  1. Download Map2Mission zip archive.
  2. Extract to game folder, it will not work unless it's in Settlers 2 main folder. Don't worry, it will not replace any game files.
  3. Open "map2mission.txt" file using text editor of your choice (like Notepad, Notepad++ etc.)
  4. Now set all the conditions of the mission you want to play, like which map to use, custom alliances, victory condition etc. It's very easy to set. Everything is labeled and described.
  5. Save and close.
  6. Run map2mission.exe. (keep in mind it's console application, so if you run in by double-clicking you'll just see black screen flash for half a second. That's how it should be. If you want to see some log of how the program works just run it from console.)
  7. That's it! Now you can start The Settlers 2. Your mission repleaced original campaign mission and is ready to be played.

If you ever lose "map2mission.txt", or just want to return it to default values, run "settings2default.exe". Contents of "map2mission.txt" will be returned to default, and if the file doesn't exist it will be created.

You can store mission settings together with map file. Just place copy of "map2mission.txt" together with your map in Worlds folder, and name it the same as map file with .txt extension (for example for map file named: "my_map.swd" the mission file will be "my_map.swd.txt"). Map name will be read from map2mission.txt, but all other settings (nations, alliances, mission goal, workers, etc.) will be taken from your custom text file. It's helpful if you've made multiple missions, and want to keep them togheter with map files.

If you want to have ships and harbors on your map you have to use this program. It's a random map generator made by Vesa Piittinen. You run it, you open your map (File->Open), then use (Tools->Coastal Castle Fix), and then you save (File->Save). This way every castle space near water will be converted to special castle space that allows harbor. After you use this program you can still edit the map with game editor, in case for example you want to remove unessery harbor spaces. The program is hosted on, I only link to it.


Map2Mission Converter - ver. 2.1

The program has been made very recently, and wasn't tested as much as it should have, since I didn't have time for that yet. This is the first public release, so treat it as a beta version. I didn't encounter any errors while using it myself, but I only tried it a couple of times, and only on single machine and with single version of the game.

New experimental version

You can try new, experimental version, which offers ability to set winning condition to "capture x,y tile", like in original S2 maps. It also includes extra program that allows you to edit swd map files and add gate onto them

Map2Mission Converter - ver. 3.beta experimental

Bug reports

If you encounter any errors with how the program works, send me an email with:

  1. description of what went wrong
  2. content of map2mission.txt file you were using
  3. RTX file from DATA/MISSION directory
  4. ENG file from DATA/TXT folder

Keep in mind that HQs can only be placed on "castle" fields. That is not a bug.

My english is also not a bug:) but you're welcome to report any mistakes or typos you spot. It's not my native language so I know it kind of sucks, but i believe it's still more convinient then automatic translation.


The program is just a hobby side project of mine, so there really isn't any license or terms of use. It's free for everyone. No limitations on redistributing it either, you can put it on your website, or send it to friends, without asking me for permission. However, if you're putting it on your website it would be super cool of you to write who the author is.


Program made by Nick Beer.

For questions, feedback and bug reports you can contact me at

To do (maybe..)

There are some features still missing, that I would like to add. Not sure if I ever will, since they're not that essential and it would take quite some time.

The features that might be added in the future are: